Woodburning By Marsha


Welcome to Marsha’s Gallery. 

Pyrography, from the Latin fire and writing, is the technique of making art on a surface with heated metal. I use mainly photographs to create my art on wood, paper, and leather. I use the woodburning pen much like a pencil or stick of charcoal to draw with heat. Images with strong lines, dramatic shadows, or intense texture work well with this toasting medium. Variations in color are achieved by keeping the heated tip longer in one place for darker tones and moving it faster for lighter shades.
I started experimenting with this technique in 2008. At the time the only thing I thought it could do was solid silhouettes and Typography. Through much experience and finding instruction on YouTube, I learned to shade. Then I discovered it worked well on Bristol Board and the amount of variation that could be achieved was increased.
Using such a simple tool to reproduce almost life like images has been a journey of self-discovery. As a self taught artist at 50, I am discovering an artist inside me that I did not think existed. In the past my art career had to take a back seat to being a missionary’s wife, raising and schooling five daughters.

 Please enjoy these pictures of her work.