Woodburning By Marsha


Welcome to Marsha’s Gallery. 

Woodburning or Pyrography is the process of making art with heated metal tips on various materials. Marsha uses wood (Birch), paper (Bristol board) and leather (vegetable tanned cow or goat hide).  The art begins with a photograph, the sharper the image the better the detail will turn out. The basic lines get transferred to the material then the burner is heated to about 950 degrees. She starts with the darkest areas and fades to the lightest being very careful not to linger too long in any one spot. The tool has versatile tips to achieve various effects and the heat can be lowered to shade on the more delicate materials like leather.  Everyone asks why the paper does not catch fire? Actually, it requires a higher heat setting than the wood. Because paper has a more dense surface than wood there is less oxygen available for the burn. Paper also affords the greatest amount of detail with shading.

 Please enjoy these pictures of her work.