June 8, 2017

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In between projects

I always feel a thrill to finish any piece of art, the longer I’ve worked on it or the more challenging the piece the bigger the thrill. Not as high as a runner’s high, although I’ve never run long enough to experience that for myself, I just imagine it must be quite a high to motivate them to run at all. The sense of satisfaction to complete a burning can be compared to the satisfaction of finishing a great book, that is something with which I am very familiar. When that feeling wears off the next day I always feel a bit lost. Like there is something I should be doing but have forgotten.  So I take stock in the business side of things. This time I was able to get my website updated to include the nice little Pay Pal “buy it now” buttons, with the help of Daughter number 3, quickly becoming my IT guru. 

I am also getting ready for a one day outdoor display and demonstration at the Dead Fish Grill on Lake Belton in Belton, Texas. I am looking forward to that the excitement of talking to people about Pyrography and my Art is another type of thrill. Especially talking to people who’s eyes don’t glaze over like my kids do when I try to talk to them about Pyrography. Come on down this Saturday to see me if you get the chance. You can find additional information here .The Sensorium Dead Fish Grill    


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