June 12, 2017

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Three Cowboys of the Chisholm Trail

From Left to Right they are “Tall in the Saddle”, “Los Vaquero”, and “The Trail Boss” they are based on the tree brass statues in Heritage Park beside the Historic Suspension Bridge in Waco, Texas. Each one is dedicated to the memory of the brave men who risked their lives to drive cattle up the Chisholm Trail to the rail ways in Kansas. The Brazos river crossing was such a dangerous even that a bridge was constructed, the longest suspension bridge in the world of its day.  You can read more about the Memorial, “Branding the Brazos” in Waco Here

I chose to burn them for several reason, one I love the fact that Waco has so much public art to enjoy. Secondly, I grew up going to the Parker County Posse Rodeo Parade every year. These larger than life statues reminded me of looking up at those men on their horses as a child. How I admired them and wanted to be a cowboy. We even owned a few horses when I was young, but seldom rode them because my sisters and I were not allowed to saddle them without my Dad around.

The first of the group “Tall in the Saddle” was selected by the Creative Waco group to be a part of their Waco 52 exhibit. A group of 52 pieces of art from 52 McClellan county artists. The exhibit appeared in Austin, in the Rotunda in May, and will come to Waco in July.

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