June 15, 2017

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Meet the Folks

Mom and Dad

This is my personal blog so I’m going to get personal today. This is my beautiful Mom and Dad, I have them to thank for so many things I like about me. See that pocket protector Dad’s wearing, he never goes a day without it! He was nerdy before Nerd was a word. He loves a good mechanical pencil, me too. He can’t describe something to you without whipping one out to draw what he’s talking about. He gave me my attention to detail. Thanks Dad!  BTW he also carries a tiny porcelain rod in there which he found really handy to put a sharp edge on his pocket knife, which he is also never without.

My Mom passed away last year, but she is never far from me.  She taught me ever craft she knew! Except knitting, she said she couldn’t explain it backwards ie. with me sitting across from her watching her hands. Funny story she had a knitting book that had the picture of a monkey holding knitting needles and yarn, I guess their slogan was something like “So easy a monkey could do it.” Anyway she wouldn’t let us kids have that book because she knew we would probably tear it up, just a cardboard cover. Dumb kid that I was, I thought it was just a picture of Curious George instead of his cartoon self this must be his actual portrait and she was just being mean to not let me, right?!!  So I snuck into the living room and took it out of her yarn bag. She caught me with it, albeit it was behind me back in my grubby little hands. “Marsha, where’s my book?” looking through my body, my soul, my entire being with her piercing stare, she knew it was there.  Me (dumb kid) “What book?”  I think that was my first face slap. Stories of my Mom’s quick, sure and well deserved discipline are legendary, just ask my sisters and the 20-odd kids she babysat. The only thing more quick and sure were her hugs and the love you could feel emanating from her every pore.

From my Mom I get my love of hand work, being busy with something. Her hands were never still, quilting,  embroidery, paint by number, crochet to list but a few. Over the years she knitted and gave a pair of house shoes to every teacher I had from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Later she started crocheting hats for cancer patients, thousands of hats. Other ladies in the neighborhood would find yarn on sale and bring it to her so she could turn it into things of beauty.  She crocheted so many hours that it permanently deformed the thumb of her left hand, moving it to the center where she kept the tension on the yarn.  Thank you Mom for teaching me so much and for modeling a life of service to others, and for the discipline I needed!

Ok one more funny story. My teacher in the 5th grade had already taught my older sisters and on the first day of school she told my Mom how excited she was to see my name on her roster because she knew she would get some house shoes for Christmas and that she just loved the ones she had gotten earlier.  So I knew I couldn’t surprise her with them right. I bought a small rubber, life-like colored mouse and shoved it deep inside the pair I gave her.  It must have been some surprise because she reminded me of that when she came to Mom’s memorial some 37 years later.

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