June 24, 2017

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Pillar finished

Austin Pillar completed

Finishing a piece is terribly exciting. I am usually so excited to share it, I end up photographing it before I even sign it. This time I remembered the signature before I shared it to all my friends on Facebook.

On a different note this week I received a commission from a customer in Washington state. He saw one of my cowboys and wants me to do a Southwest scene. He gave me a few ideas and is letting me run with it. I love working with customers like that. Hopefully the wood will come in Tuesday and I can get started on it.  Until then I will work on a couple of frames. Force myself to work on frames, I’m behind by at least two pieces and need glass for a third. I tend to neglect the frames. Starting a new piece is way more fun than framing even if its building from boards.

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