July 21, 2017

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The Story behind Abounding Joy

I had done only two portraits of full faces before this when I came across this as a promotional poster. The slogan was in Norwegian and Google translator made little sense so I still am not sure what it said. However, I fell in love with the joy and innocence of these four children having such a good time. I can remember all my cousins when we were kids laughing and having this much fun. In the execution of it, I worked from right to left and got all the way to the girl on the far left when I thought I had ruined her face. It just didn’t look right. I agonized over it for a while then realized my lines were inside the shading, I had drawn them where I thought I would remember the darkest shading, but forgotten by the time I got there. So realizing that all I had to do was shade to the edges and it fixed the problems of the image.  So to me this represents fond memories as well as challenges overcome. If you are interested in purchasing it, here is a link https://woodburningbymarsha.com/abounding-joy/

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