July 24, 2017

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The Story Behind “The Birds”


The Bird’s Kiss For More Details click https://woodburningbymarsha.com/the-birds-kiss/

Angie and Steve Veracruz came to me and asked if I would participate in an Art Exhibition here in Waco as a fund raiser for their very new organization.  It was to be called The Birds. I knew immediately that I wanted to do this piece for that event. The original photograph was of a bird flying over the water getting a drink from its mirror image.  Only in my mind I saw it standing up this way as if they were kissing in mid flight. The shading was a challenge, how do you make a white subject show up on white paper? I had only burned a few on paper it was definitely a challenge. To compensate for my poor skills at making a white subject show up on white paper, I decided to darken the background. Of course I waited until the whole thing was finished. So there I was trying to figure out how to darken the background without ruining all my hard work. Watercolors would have been the natural choice because it was water color paper, but the only time I remember trying to water color it was messy and runny, too much of a risk.  Then I remembered how as a kid my sister and I would lie on our mother’s linoleum floor and make pencil rubbings of the pattern, these were often the beginning of an ant farm drawing tiny little ants in between the weird shapes left by the linoleum bumps. So I tested graphite shading on a scrap to see how well it would erase if I messed it up, thankfully it did. That is why the background on my “Birds” piece, which was used in the brochure they printed for the exhibition has a graphite background. I still have it and it is available to purchase.


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