August 12, 2017

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The Historic Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas

Baker Hotel finished

My first week in the building of 712 Austin street, the Waco 52 Pop up Gallery is finished and here is the result. I burned a piece from Mineral Wells, not Waco. I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been working in this wonderful space. It is quiet, almost too quiet. I got so much work done! There were visitors coming through, interesting people to meet and visit with, the quiet was never overwhelming. I share the space with some fantastic other artists, whenever I hit the limit of my concentration, there was someone to go watch doing their thing.  You should come see all the work going on, you will be delighted I promise.

About my piece, The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Tx sits empty now. Once it was the beating heart of the town, but times and economies change, buildings get left behind sometimes. This photo was taken by my good friend Heather Vessey on her vacation stop, on the porch looking out at the bright sun lit sky. I fell in love with the mason work and wrought iron decorations, as well as the texture of the brick. My grandfather, Hubert Preston Fletcher, Sr. was one of the masons laying these very bricks.

Notice how the bright sun makes the iron work in the middle of the window appear more narrow than the edges. To me, it speaks to how the sunlight of love and hope can make all of the bars that keep us prisoner easier to bear and even disappear when we change our focus.

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