August 16, 2017

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The story behind two views of the same bridge


Waco’s Suspension Bridge detail burned on paper by Woodburning by Marsha


Waco Suspension Bridge For More Details Click

I burned the full view of the Waco’s historic suspension bridge over the Brazos river first. It is one of those sights around Waco that begs to be photographed. How many cities can brag that they have a walking single span bridge over such a well known river right next to down town? In it’s day it was the longest single span suspension structure in the United States. The foundations had to be built well back from the sandy banks of the river so they wouldn’t collapse.

I was entranced with its steel and rivets, angles and shadows, I couldn’t capture the sound of footsteps on the boards, but I could give the sense of walking across that space into the openness of the other side.

The second piece is much smaller, only a tiny piece of the original, still trying to do those angles justice. This one was for the series “Sights around Waco”. One day I will do another view of the bridge, I hear rumors it is due for a makeover.

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