August 25, 2017

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The story behind Abounding Joy

Abounding Joy

Abounding Joy For More Details Click

I burned this piece over a year ago and it is still one of my favorites, as you can see because it is the opening image on my website. Originally a Portuguese motivational poster, I have no idea what it said, Google’s translation was more confusing than helpful. I just love the playfulness of these children. It makes me happy.  I had a bunch of cousins that enjoyed getting together and we always had fun, this reminds me of those times.

On the technical side, this is burned on Strathmore Bristol board paper a kind of very thin slick card board like poster board, using the Walnut Hallow versa tool, a shading tip.  As I worked the piece, I started with the boy on the right and worked across to the left. The face on the child to the left was my greatest challenge. something just did not look right at first. While burning on wood its possible, not easy, but possible to scrape the burn off to some degree and start over, but not on paper. Paper gets burned all the way through and I was afraid I would have to start over completely. Then I realized why my first pass was not working out, the problem was easy to fix and it saved the piece from the trash bin. So not only is this one of my favorite images, it is also a personal success and very satisfying when People come up and admire it.

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