October 31, 2017

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The night I met Henry Sisneros

The former Mayor of San Antonio and Secretary of HUD under Bill Clinton, Henry Sisneros was the keynote speaker for the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Waco last night. The Chamber was kind enough to invite local artists to display their work in a silent auction to raise money for their charitable causes. Mr. Sisneros was very interested and we spent about 15 minutes of his precious time explaining Pyrography and how my art comes about.

I guess I could have captured all of that in only one photo, (thank you Brian Broadway for capturing this ultra cool moment on his camera), but I decided to share all five pictures because it shows how much Mr. Sisneros and I were talking with our hands.

It was a wonderful evening and his key note address informed me of many wonderful things to come in Waco, situated as it is in the economic power triangle of Dallas, Austin and Houston, we can get involved and the Hispanic Chamber is very much involved, or we will get left far far behind.

If you have yet to visit Waco, or have not in a long time, come on down, I think you will be surprised in a very good way. You might even find a piece of Pyrography you like.

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