November 29, 2017

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The story behind “Austin Pillar”

Austin Pillar in frame

The original photo for this piece was taken on a trip to Austin for the Waco 52 exhibit. My daughter and I took approximately the same photo and I’m not sure which one of the two I used. The Texas state capitol building in Austin has four porches one facing each of the cardinal directions and they are all identical with these wonderful pillars, topped with white granite. The white really stands out amid all the native pink granite used on the exterior.

One fun fact I learned on that trip, the Texas state capital was not built using State or Federal money. The private company that built it was deeded land in the Texas panhandle in payment for their services. The building is a fabulous example of Doric architecture, soaring ceilings and mahogany wood work. I makes one wonder if they had seen the land they would be getting in return for the job. Only people who have been to the pan handle will get that joke.

I burned this image onto Baltic Birch plywood using the Walnut Hallow versa tool, it took approximately 24 hours. The frame is an antique wood frame I found at a resale shop and cut down to fit.

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