January 21, 2018

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Being a guest on the Cynthia Austin Show and Presenting a new Product

Cynthia Austin lineup

Something like three months ago I found this fantastic show. I was looking for opportunities to advertise and found the Cynthia Austin Show.  She is very passionate about supporting Mom-preneurs and has made it possible for small businesses like mine to have access to her viewers through her online platform. Now I have two items in her online showcase / store and yesterday we taped an interview segment which will air Saturday the 27th at 12:30 at night.

I was nervous and excited and had to get up early to be in Arlington at the Comfort Suites where they do their taping by 10am. But when I met Cynthia, she and her staff made me feel right at home and I hope my nerves didn’t show too much on camera. I was her first interview for the first segment of her third season and they just added a new affiliate station in Los Vegas! Pretty exciting!! I advertise my leather coasters and now my new reusable leather coffee sleeves which fit all sizes of coffee cups from your favorite shops and gas stations. Now you can personalize a leather sleeve and stop using those paper one use only things that slip off anyway and only end up in the trash can.

You can visit the online store here : http://www.CynthiaAustinShow.com

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