February 25, 2018

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Mardi Gras Benefit 2018


Some very wonderful artists in Waco were asked by the Advocacy Center for Victims and Children to make Mardi Gras masks. Last night was the auction and benefit. We had a great time, the food was fabulous, the band was too, we met so many new people. By the time I left my mask had not sold, but the party was still jumping.

The mask I made was all leather. The base is a stiff cows hide leather for a sure foundation and to remind us that even death is not the end. The Tiger Lily is made from softer goat skin leather and in the language of flowers means “The return of happiness”. The symbols across the front spell out 2018 because its a new year of hope. The 2 is a heartbeat rhythm because where there is life there is hope. The 0 is a clock face that the hands point to 20:18 in military time. The 1 is the stamen of the Lily where its seeds are grown at the base, seeds being the symbol of hope for tomorrow. And finally the 8 is a butterfly, ultimate symbol for change for the better.

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