March 12, 2018

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New YouTube channel

Sanborn map titlepage finishedYouTube videos

Stepping out into new territory. I found an app that lets me take time lapse videos with my phone’s camera and I really like the results. I’ve been sharing them with my Facebook followers and they seem to really enjoy them so I’ve uploaded them to Youtube creating my own channel. So the circle is complete, everything I know I learned from Youtube videos and asking questions of nice people on Facebook groups, now I’m using that to give back to others on Youtube. I hope you enjoy them and if you do please subscribe and I’ll be adding more.

Most of the videos were taken of me burning on the piece shown here, its on cream colored Mat board (the board usually cut to go around works of art in frames). I wanted it to look antique like the 1929 book of maps it came from.

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