July 23, 2018


Quite an Adventure

Two months ago I was fortunate to have one of my pieces of Pyrography accepted into an art show in Laguna Beach, California. The show was called “The Second Half” and was organized and held by the Las Laguna Gallery. I was thrilled and honored. Here is the piece that they chose, “Forever Friends”.Friends Forever in Las Laguna GalleryLaguna Beach is only 45 minutes away from Carlsbad, California where Tim and Lisa live. Tim and Lisa, the parents of Rebekah Hagman are the sweetest people you could ever want to meet. This wonderful couple have been to Texas several times to help in the remodel and hard work that has shaped Cultivate 7twelve into a very fine gallery. They are also a huge fan of my art.

Lisa in particular was interested in my horse piece Midnight run. When I told them I would be coming to California to visit the gallery there, they graciously offered to host me for my entire stay. This was their payment.

Midnight run holding it


As you can see, its not a small piece. Originally I took “Midnight Run”, carefully sandwiched in cardboard as my carry on luggage. I carted it through DFW airport, in and out of Chick fil a, into the bathroom, everywhere I went. I was careful not to forget it, thinking to myself the whole time “You know, you are going to forget to pick that back up.” It would not fit in an overhead, nor under the seat, so it rode standing in front of my knees, resting on my feet the whole way to California. Upon disembarking I collected my checked bag and looked up the parking lot of my rented car. I hired a taxi to drive me the mile instead of walking. He wasn’t very happy with such a short run, but that is the breaks. Standing beside the rented car (thank you Turo it was $35 a day) I read the instructions to unlock the car on my phone. Tired and a bit overwhelmed I finally got the car unlocked and my luggage in the trunk, I sat down to check my GPS before heading to Carlsbad. It was only when I got almost the entire way there that I realized I had not put “Midnight Run” in the back seat.

I checked and rechecked, pulled over and looked in the trunk….. No dice. I was only 5 minutes from Tim and Lisa’s house so I forged ahead. She refreshed me with the warmest of greetings and a meal (enchiladas make almost anything better). I explained my dilemma and drove back to the airport parking lot. I searched high and low, mainly low, underneath every car there. No dice. Heart broken and tired, accepting defeat I wrote it off and went about enjoying the rest of my trip.

Here were are two weeks later and Tim and Lisa are now the proud owners of “Midnight Run” the second version. Hopefully it is even better than the first run.

Midnight run Tim and Lisa


4 thoughts on “Quite an Adventure

  1. You are amazing; making a second version & quickly. I hope the first is found and returned. And if found and not returned I hope the finder appreciates their find.


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