January 26, 2019

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ALICO building

I don’t often share a project in progress here on the Blog, but this project is something special. Several months ago at Cultivate 7twelve Gallery there was a display of old photographs by Frederick Gildersleeve. He was an award winning, Guinness Book of Record holding, photographer, who lived in Waco and documented much of Waco history. This one photography of the tallest building in Waco known simply as the ALICO caught my attention.

One reason this photo is interesting because Mr. Gildersleeve stood on the roof of the building across the intersection to take the photo, no small feat in the days before hand held cameras.

Secondly this photo is interesting because in the 70’s the ALICO was given a facade upgrade and these wonderful old columns cannot be seen any more. Not to mention the old cars and people on the street dressed in their Sunday best regardless of the day of the week. A by-gone day and disappearing era captured on film.

The photography now belongs in a collection at Baylor and is used by permission.

day 8

This is my largest most detailed piece of Pyrography to date, at 4′ x 2′. You can follow my progress on Instagram at Wood_Burning_by_Marsha or on my Facebook business page Wood Burning by Marsha. This photo is after 8 days work, only 16 floors to go.

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