September 29, 2019

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Working on Leather


Bass Performance Hall angel complete

Bass Performance Hall Angel, Pyrography on leather by Wood Burning by Marsha

It goes without saying that leather burns differently than wood or paper. I fell in love with it while working on this piece. As a child my father owned three  horses and we were allowed to ride as often as he was willing to saddle it for us. One of my all time favorite sounds is the creak of that leather saddle. While working on this very large piece it would creak under my hands and bring back those old memories.

In the background is the lines on the building around this beautiful Angel. I wanted to capture the whole building but for it not to overpower her in any way. So the lines are scratched into the surface with the ball point of a pen without ink. I’ve always used a micro fine ball point pen to trace my images and I found that using the pen after the ink ran out was even better. I was afraid that these light lines would get lost as the leather darkened with treatment, then I found that going over them a second time brought them back. They may be hard to see in the photo, they are easier to see in person.

The gold on her trumpet is a combination of metallic gold paint and gold Sharpie marker. The point of the marker was too big for the fine line detail so I found a tiny brush and dabbed it on the point of the marker then used it to paint the lines I wanted.

So the learning curve was incredibly steep for this piece, but I’m positive the lessons learned will serve me well on many future pieces. I see many more leather pieces to come.

Over all size it 33″ x 20″, the leather is supported by a wood frame and hangs with gallery wire on the back.

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