October 18, 2019

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Notre Dame de Paris

This is my largest, most detailed piece to date, I am so pleased to present ‘Notre Dame de Paris” based on an illustration from the 1800’s. The Great Lady of Paris has been tragically damaged by fire, but we can still remember her the way she was and this piece does that, with many people going about their daily lives in her shadow from the river side view. We see people in the foreground fishing, horses waiting for their loads to be off loaded from steam boats, a lady with her parasol crosses the bridge and men of leisure watch the commotion from the bridge. By the time of this illustration Notre Dame had been completed for some 200 hundred years and gracefully towers over the city of Paris and watches it grow like an indulgent mother.

The original is 44″ x 36″ burned on Ash wood on display at Cultivate 7twelve in Waco, and Prints are available.

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