November 11, 2019

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Frame choices

I try to be careful about every decision concerning a piece of art. From the original photo choice to the finishing touches.

This photo was taken by my youngest daughter here in Waco of the decommissioned railroad bridge. It has been donated to the city and is in the process of becoming a pedestrian walkway.

In the process of burning I had a choice to recreate the ripples on the water according to the photo, but I chose instead to go with the grain lines of the wood. I also had the choice of leaving out some of the bare trees, but I think they go well with the dark girders of the bridge.

Now I’m down to the framing. Usually I go with the dark browns to almost black in a frame. But on this one I have this wonderful old deep frame that is very light and it just sorta speaks to me. So I’m trying it on temporarily and taking a poll among my friends on Face Book.

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