January 1, 2020


Whats in store for 2020?

Each year for the last several years I feel like my art has bloomed in myriad unexpected ways, each year surpassing the last. I could not be more grateful for the supportive people I have met and especially those that have reached out to commission works and purchase pieces.  A big BIG special note of thanks to Mr. Moen who selected a piece of art for each of his children and one for himself as Christmas presents, you made my year!  Thank you to Cultivate 7twelve and Rebecca Hagman for believing in me and giving me the chance so often of displaying my art as well as providing such a fantastically interesting place to work.  Thank you to the other Galleries who allowed me to display especially the Kieran-Sistrunk Gallery of Waco for the solo show this past month.   Thank you to Lindsay Leipman and Ann Harder for the interviews on the news, and Carl Hoover for all the press in the paper.

I look forward to seeing the results of the documentary on me by Dan Brown, Instructor at Baylor University.

The Bear on leather

This “Bear” burned on leather is one of the pieces I did specifically for the documentary since Bayolor’s mascot is a bear. He was truly a challenge with all that fur.

Several other projects are in the works for 2020, but I hesitate to make them public for fear they won’t come to reality.  I do know this that God has blessed me mightily and has seen fit to take my Art career to new heights in 2019.

I hope that all of you are enjoying my Art weather you follow it on Facebook, Instagram, or some other place Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!



2 thoughts on “Whats in store for 2020?

  1. Love to see your posts with new works of art!
    Have an even greater New Year 2020!


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