Marauder’s Map

Harry Potter fans will recognize this right away. Back last November I was asked to make this from a free downloadable PDF. (Instructables) As it happens I had been given some really nice paper and the map tuned out really cool. Then I burned the cover art on a piece of leather.  The map has seven secret or hidden features and is about 14 feet long in two sections. It turned out so well that I offered them for sale on my Etsy shop. Last week I made the third one. Its the perfect gift for a true Potter die hard fan. You can see more details at Etsy

Table Toppers in Waco

Every year The Art Center of Waco has their annual Table Toppers fund raiser. This year they asked me to be a featured artist. So I demonstrated wood burning on this piece I call “Chocolate Please”, its the portrait of my grand daughter with chocolate on her face, she has her hand over her heart saying, “Please” to get more cake. I made time lapse videos which you can see up on Youtube of the rest of the burning on this piece. There is a link to them on a previous blog post.

Today’s fund raiser raised a lot of money for the Art Center, they have a mobile art bus that they take to area school children. They also offer several summer camp each year full of wonderful art classes. There were many lovely ladies there interested in understanding Pyrography and Little Bit finally has her hair all complete.

New YouTube channel

Sanborn map titlepage finishedYouTube videos

Stepping out into new territory. I found an app that lets me take time lapse videos with my phone’s camera and I really like the results. I’ve been sharing them with my Facebook followers and they seem to really enjoy them so I’ve uploaded them to Youtube creating my own channel. So the circle is complete, everything I know I learned from Youtube videos and asking questions of nice people on Facebook groups, now I’m using that to give back to others on Youtube. I hope you enjoy them and if you do please subscribe and I’ll be adding more.

Most of the videos were taken of me burning on the piece shown here, its on cream colored Mat board (the board usually cut to go around works of art in frames). I wanted it to look antique like the 1929 book of maps it came from.

Video Results

I got a new app and found out how to take time lapse videos. I thought you might want to see what I do. This is 20 minutes of work condensed into 20 seconds. I am burning on mat board paper with the Walnut Hallow versa tool using the skew tip.

Mardi Gras Benefit 2018


Some very wonderful artists in Waco were asked by the Advocacy Center for Victims and Children to make Mardi Gras masks. Last night was the auction and benefit. We had a great time, the food was fabulous, the band was too, we met so many new people. By the time I left my mask had not sold, but the party was still jumping.

The mask I made was all leather. The base is a stiff cows hide leather for a sure foundation and to remind us that even death is not the end. The Tiger Lily is made from softer goat skin leather and in the language of flowers means “The return of happiness”. The symbols across the front spell out 2018 because its a new year of hope. The 2 is a heartbeat rhythm because where there is life there is hope. The 0 is a clock face that the hands point to 20:18 in military time. The 1 is the stamen of the Lily where its seeds are grown at the base, seeds being the symbol of hope for tomorrow. And finally the 8 is a butterfly, ultimate symbol for change for the better.

Happy and Sad news

My Waco Project

The piece that once was sold is now back and ready to find a new home again.

It had a buyer, he loved it, he could not live with out it. Until his feet got cold, or something. He never did give me the artwork to burn in the empty spot, so I waited, and waited. Finally the news came that he was no longer interested in having it customized and would not be collecting it. That is the sad news.

The Happy news is that someone else has the opportunity to customize and purchase this giant Waco board of well known landmarks. If you love Waco or know someone who does please contact me. I will be happy to burn any building or name or logo of your choice into the empty spot upon purchase.

This piece is three feet by two feet Baltic Birch plywood and is ready to hang with a wire hanger on the back.

In my Happy Place


I didn’t feel good this week, ended up having to to get some antibiotics. Nothing contagious, just a UTI so even though I felt terrible, all I really wanted to do was Pyrography. Staying in bed all day was no fun at all. This has totally taken over my life so I guess its true what they say, when you love doing what you do it will never be work.

A bridge in Spain

Bridge in Spain

I always wanted to travel and I’ve been fortunate enough to see some wonderful places in my life. Through the medium of Pyrography and some generous Photographers on Facebook I get to experience even more wonderful places. This is a bridge in Spain, Donostia San Sabastion bridge.  A wonderfully talented photographer named Milly Sativa shared the photo in a group we share on Face Book. Without the generosity of such wonderful people my pyrography would be much more limited. If you have a great photo that you think would make a good burning, drop me a line and lets talk.