January 1, 2020


Whats in store for 2020?

Each year for the last several years I feel like my art has bloomed in myriad unexpected ways, each year surpassing the last. I could not be more grateful for the supportive people I have met and especially those that have reached out to commission works and purchase pieces.  A big BIG special note of thanks to Mr. Moen who selected a piece of art for each of his children and one for himself as Christmas presents, you made my year!  Thank you to Cultivate 7twelve and Rebecca Hagman for believing in me and giving me the chance so often of displaying my art as well as providing such a fantastically interesting place to work.  Thank you to the other Galleries who allowed me to display especially the Kieran-Sistrunk Gallery of Waco for the solo show this past month.   Thank you to Lindsay Leipman and Ann Harder for the interviews on the news, and Carl Hoover for all the press in the paper.

I look forward to seeing the results of the documentary on me by Dan Brown, Instructor at Baylor University.

The Bear on leather

This “Bear” burned on leather is one of the pieces I did specifically for the documentary since Bayolor’s mascot is a bear. He was truly a challenge with all that fur.

Several other projects are in the works for 2020, but I hesitate to make them public for fear they won’t come to reality.  I do know this that God has blessed me mightily and has seen fit to take my Art career to new heights in 2019.

I hope that all of you are enjoying my Art weather you follow it on Facebook, Instagram, or some other place Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!



November 25, 2019

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Trio of Drooping Blooms Revisited


I am very honored to share some exciting news, Pyrography Magazine from Fox Chapel Publishing has sent me a contract to write a How – To Article. They really liked this piece and so I will re make it and take careful notes and photographs of the process.

I did this piece so long ago I wasn’t even signing them yet, probably about 5 years ago. The main reason I chose the image was because I liked the graceful bend of the stems and the dramatic shadows.

November 11, 2019

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Frame choices

I try to be careful about every decision concerning a piece of art. From the original photo choice to the finishing touches.

This photo was taken by my youngest daughter here in Waco of the decommissioned railroad bridge. It has been donated to the city and is in the process of becoming a pedestrian walkway.

In the process of burning I had a choice to recreate the ripples on the water according to the photo, but I chose instead to go with the grain lines of the wood. I also had the choice of leaving out some of the bare trees, but I think they go well with the dark girders of the bridge.

Now I’m down to the framing. Usually I go with the dark browns to almost black in a frame. But on this one I have this wonderful old deep frame that is very light and it just sorta speaks to me. So I’m trying it on temporarily and taking a poll among my friends on Face Book.

October 18, 2019

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Notre Dame de Paris

This is my largest, most detailed piece to date, I am so pleased to present ‘Notre Dame de Paris” based on an illustration from the 1800’s. The Great Lady of Paris has been tragically damaged by fire, but we can still remember her the way she was and this piece does that, with many people going about their daily lives in her shadow from the river side view. We see people in the foreground fishing, horses waiting for their loads to be off loaded from steam boats, a lady with her parasol crosses the bridge and men of leisure watch the commotion from the bridge. By the time of this illustration Notre Dame had been completed for some 200 hundred years and gracefully towers over the city of Paris and watches it grow like an indulgent mother.

The original is 44″ x 36″ burned on Ash wood on display at Cultivate 7twelve in Waco, and Prints are available.

September 29, 2019

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Working on Leather


Bass Performance Hall angel complete

Bass Performance Hall Angel, Pyrography on leather by Wood Burning by Marsha

It goes without saying that leather burns differently than wood or paper. I fell in love with it while working on this piece. As a child my father owned three  horses and we were allowed to ride as often as he was willing to saddle it for us. One of my all time favorite sounds is the creak of that leather saddle. While working on this very large piece it would creak under my hands and bring back those old memories.

In the background is the lines on the building around this beautiful Angel. I wanted to capture the whole building but for it not to overpower her in any way. So the lines are scratched into the surface with the ball point of a pen without ink. I’ve always used a micro fine ball point pen to trace my images and I found that using the pen after the ink ran out was even better. I was afraid that these light lines would get lost as the leather darkened with treatment, then I found that going over them a second time brought them back. They may be hard to see in the photo, they are easier to see in person.

The gold on her trumpet is a combination of metallic gold paint and gold Sharpie marker. The point of the marker was too big for the fine line detail so I found a tiny brush and dabbed it on the point of the marker then used it to paint the lines I wanted.

So the learning curve was incredibly steep for this piece, but I’m positive the lessons learned will serve me well on many future pieces. I see many more leather pieces to come.

Over all size it 33″ x 20″, the leather is supported by a wood frame and hangs with gallery wire on the back.

July 26, 2019

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34th Annual Bosque Art Classic Show

I am very honored and thrilled to have a piece of Pyrography accepted into one of the biggest art shows around.

Out of over 800 entries from around the United states and even overseas, The 34th Annual Bosque Art Classic in Clifton, Texas took a little over 200 pieces. My “From Religion to Faith” was accepted. This classic fine art show hosts some of the best traditional and representational art. You can go to Bosque Arts Centerto see last years award winners. The show is open to the public from September 15-28. Go to their website for gallery hours.

“Juror and judge Oreland C. Joe Sr., was the first Native American to be invited into the Cowboy Artists of America, Joe is recognized as a master of stone and bronze.”

From Religion to Faith 09-2017 Pyrography on Paper 17 x 14 inches

July 5, 2019

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More Prints Available

14″ x 11″ prints now available on this whole set or individually, on Epson Hot Press Natural paper. $73 each, buy 3 get the 4th half off.

This series celebrates City pride and the historic use of Typography. The Sanborn map company has proudly served cities large and small by accurately mapping every house and street. They continue to offer their services for very modern reasons. These Title Pages were published 1896 – 1926 and are all in the public domain.  I chose them for their artistic appeal. The originals will be on display in Cultivate 7twelve in Waco.

June 17, 2019

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Special Prints now available

Notre Dame in Progress   A very nice lady convinced me to have prints made at this stage of work on my Notre Dame de Paris piece. These will be a strictly limited edition signed series.

The printed image is 14″ x 17″ with 1 1/2 white border all around to allow for matting and framing.

All prints are on Epson’s Hot Press Natural. Its a smooth matte surface paper that will hold fine detail well. It has a slightly warm (natural) white base with no optical brighteners. Produced by Bob Smith of Accurate Image in Waco

The original is 3’3″ x 3’9″ and will be for sale also when finished.

June 3, 2019

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What I’m working on

Notre Dame full screeen

Based on the Vintage etching print circa 1870s / 1880s of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, as it appeared in the latter part of the 19th century. Etching by Alfred Alexandre Delauney (1830 – 1894).
Pyrography on Maple plywood using the Walnut Hallow versa tool and the Tekchic wire tip machine. Board is 3’3″ x 3’9″.