May 23, 2019

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Envision Magazine

Quoting from their website:


At Envision Arts, we strive to provide avenues to showcase and share creative artworks of many mediums and art style. Should you choose any opportunity to collaborate with Envision, THE ARTIST is the guest of honor! Attention to detail, display and distinction is of utmost importance.

Thank you for featuring me and my art!!!

Envision Article

May 9, 2019

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Shhhh its a Secret

Well, not really. I just haven’t announced it on social media yet. I have big news and it will take a long time to come about, but I wanted to share it with my most loyal fans so it will only be announced here on the blog until I have more concrete evidence.

Dan Beard, lecturer at Baylor, is in the process of getting his Master’s degree in Film making. He has decided that my art and life are interesting enough to produce a 20 minute documentary….. I know, I’m shocked too. So if you see a camera crew following me around, that’s what is happening. We won’t even be doing major filming until December. If you know Dan, you might want to try to talk some sense into him.

April 11, 2019

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Custom Portraits

A friend of mine had this old family photo and asked me to reproduce it on wood for her Mother. I started on the background with my trusty Walnut Hollow versa tool. It made quick work of the solid dark background using the calligraphy tip on its side. The edge of the calligraphy tip is great for crisp clean edges and some shading as well.

For the hair and face I used to wire tip Tekchic pyrography machine, I’m still learning how to control the burn on this machine. It has a digital readout of the voltage and the control dial lets me determine an exact number which is fantastic. It allows me to turn down the heat and go as slow as I’d like to build up layers, or turn the voltage up a fraction and burn a shade darker.

Here is the final piece and the original photo for comparison.


March 23, 2019


Thank you Tekchic

Last Tuesday evening I noticed a message on my Facebook business page (Here if your interested) from a representative of Tekchic. They asked if I would be interested in trying their wire tip machine. So they twisted my arm and two days later my box arrived. Shocked is not the word! I was amazed at two days shipping, plumb gobsmacked.  They sell on Amazon for $99 – $150 and in the name of full disclosure they sent me this one for free, to get my opinion and for me to use their name when I post on Facebook.

There were more things in the box, like an extra burning pen, a tiny bit of stone to shape the nibs with, an instruction book, and the sponge is a bit different from the one in the first picture.

In all honesty I’ve wanted a wire tip pen for a very long time. I’ve burned with the Walnut Hallow for 11 years and just didn’t want to spend the money especially on a machine I had never used before. Another company had sent me their tool back in August of last year, you can read that review Here.  There were a few things I liked about that machine, but it did not hold up to the wear and tear of using it every day, so I had gone back to my trusty WH.

Here’s the first thing I doodled, there were two of these slices in the box and first let me say don’t try to learn to burn on these silly things. They are awful, the dark grain is so hard it will hardly take a burn at all, and the white is so soft that the burner digs in like a house a fire.  Since this one was cracked it wouldn’t matter if I ruin it.

Beetle with pen

Then I found a scrap of good Baltic Birch plywood that I burn on all the time. This wood is much more burner friendly. I did a series of these beetles and had the photo laying around, besides I kinda like bugs so here’s my first serious burn with the Tekchic tool. The power dial seen in the first photo controls the voltage running through the nib. It displays a number on the small screen on the front of the box and it is so delicate that I could dial it between 35-65 stopping at any number in between. Below 35 it didn’t burn at all. At 65 it was a little too hot and burned into the wood a little too much for my liking.  I’m not sure what the actual range of numbers happens to be.  Best of all the pen never got even warm, the cord did though, that was a bit worrisome. I kept an eye on it and it never got hot, just warm.

Changing nibs was a breeze with the tiny screw driver. It cooled down and heated up almost instantly so it was no problem switching between the three I used.

Three nibs

I used the pointed one for the dotted texture and fine hair like fuzzy appearance on the belly and the other two for shading and line work when I turned and used the edge.

Here are some photos for reference. The original photo with the one I burned on wood today, and then the one I burned on Bockingford paper by St Cuthberts Mill the last time with my Walnut Hallow versa tool. I really like the fine tips with this new machine.

Here are the nibs included in the Tekchic kit and how I figured out how to store them in my tip box. I found out quickly that the tips burn much darker on their edge than they do on the flat. So the flat was good for shading. To achieve the large patches of solid dark was a bit tricky. I used the flat edge drawing it slowly toward me, overlapping strokes to even them out and going back over it if a bit of light showed.

So far I am very satisfied with the Tekchic tool. The pen is comfortable and the nibs are great for details. I’m not going to put away my WH for sure yet and will probably always use it for large solid dark backgrounds or large areas in general. But this new toy, um er tool is going to be seriously fun to play with for a while.


March 8, 2019

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Burning the ALICO

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The board is Oak plywood, 2′ x 4′, the largest single piece of Pyrography I’ve done so far.  It took 18 days and no I didn’t keep track of the hours. The original photo was taken in 1920 by Frederick Gildersleeve, used here by permission. It will go on display in the upcoming Woodworking Exhibition at Cultivate 7twelve Gallery in Waco, the month of April. Message me if you are interested in the details for purchase.

February 11, 2019

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Solo Show at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center

There are less than 10 days to see my show in Fort Worth. FWCAC

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is shutting down, but there is plenty of Art to see. The reception has been wonderful and many people have walked through and enjoyed the show. WESTERN ROOTS

The FWCAC is sandwiched between the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and the Kimbell Art Museum, in the building formerly known as the Modern Art Museum.

January 26, 2019

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ALICO building

I don’t often share a project in progress here on the Blog, but this project is something special. Several months ago at Cultivate 7twelve Gallery there was a display of old photographs by Frederick Gildersleeve. He was an award winning, Guinness Book of Record holding, photographer, who lived in Waco and documented much of Waco history. This one photography of the tallest building in Waco known simply as the ALICO caught my attention.

One reason this photo is interesting because Mr. Gildersleeve stood on the roof of the building across the intersection to take the photo, no small feat in the days before hand held cameras.

Secondly this photo is interesting because in the 70’s the ALICO was given a facade upgrade and these wonderful old columns cannot be seen any more. Not to mention the old cars and people on the street dressed in their Sunday best regardless of the day of the week. A by-gone day and disappearing era captured on film.

The photography now belongs in a collection at Baylor and is used by permission.

day 8

This is my largest most detailed piece of Pyrography to date, at 4′ x 2′. You can follow my progress on Instagram at Wood_Burning_by_Marsha or on my Facebook business page Wood Burning by Marsha. This photo is after 8 days work, only 16 floors to go.

January 11, 2019

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Western Roots

I have a solo show at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. Check them out here   FWCAC

The show runs now through February 20. Please come by and take a look there is so much to see. Many wonderful artists and craftsmen.

November 18, 2018

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A Huge Honor and some Huge News


Wood Burning by Marsha Waco Mammoth ornament

What does McLennan county have that no other county in Texas has? Mammoths of course. Not much of Christmas theme, but this ornament is representing our county on the Texas Christmas tree in Austin and I wanted it to be entirely unique. Fiona Bond, of Creative Waco is tasked every year with finding an artist willing to take on this great honor. I’ve never burned a Mammoth before, and never burned on this paper before, and never stuck paper inside a hand blown globe. So to say it was something of a challenge is an understatement.  Our wonderful State Representative Doc Anderson was at Cultivate 7Twelve for the hand off and a photo opp.

Doc Anderson, Representative McLennan County

Doc Anderson, representative of District 52 and Marsha Wilson of Wood Burning by Marsha 2018

A true supporter of the Arts, Doc enjoyed the Waco historic Gildersleeve Photography now on exhibit at Cultivate 7twelve, through the end of the month.

My big news is an interview with Lindsay Liepman, anchor at KXXV 25, ABC news.

Interview in progress

Marsha Wilson interview in progress with Lindsay Leipman of KXXV 25, ABC news 2018

She was insanely nice and easy to talk with, she really knows how to put her subjects at ease then ask a frighteningly deep question.  This interview will air on the first Monday night in December as a part of her “Texas Voices” segment.