Marauder’s Map


A leather keepsake cover with a fantastically detailed replica of Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map.

Over 11 feet of Hogwarts castle and grounds. With 8 hidden images, like Dumbledor’s footprints, Harry’s footprints, the elusive Room of Requirements, and traitor Peter Pettigrew.  A set of hidden flaps can be folded out to show the message revealed that insulted Professor Snape.

The keepsake replica cover is burned on vegetable tanned leather. 16″ x 9″ it completely enfolds the paper map for storage and display.

The map is printed on heavy high cotton content paper and put together with acid-free archival quality paper glue. One layer folds out to 73″ and the inner flap folds out to 56″, for a total of 139″ or 11.5 feet of images, covering Hogwarts inside and out, including the secret passageways and tunnels.

***** Notice: Harry Potter® is the property of J.K Rowling and Warner Bros. No copyright infringement is intended*********

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