Percival the Fierce

Percival on Paper

Beware of Dragons for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup.” Sir Dewain

I woke up one morning and this was staring in my window! Once I stopped freaking out I realized he only wanted directions to the nearest castle where he intended to carry off the fair princess. It seems her wicked Uncle is taking over the kingdom and the dragon whose name is Percival the Fierce, wants to get all the knights of the kingdom aroused, and kidnapping the princess seems to be the only way he can get their attention.

The edges of the paper are scorched as if the Dragon has breathed fire on the very paper that has given him birth. Hand burned on 400# watercolor paper. Burned using a hand held wood burning tool, Walnut Hallow Versatool, the shader tip. Mounted on a piece of birch board, it has a saw tooth hook on the back for easy hanging and is autographed on the reverse as well.


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